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Make Money Online FSB

Fresh Store Builder is a powerful script that allows you to build complete Amazon Affiliate stores in matter of minutes. If you’re not aware of Amazon’s affiliate program basically they offer you set commissions for selling almost all their items. You wont become a millionaire over night but using FSB and dedicating some time to your site you can start generating a decent income. Amazon is used by millions of shoppers and carries a range of items. Amazon handles all the customer service, shipping details. All you have to do is promote your affiliate tag and get paid.

Where does Fresh Store Builder come into play? Well before FSB you would have to manually go and create a website. You would have to manually add items details your affiliate link. You would have to manually update your item any time it changes on amazon. You would spend hours just going through amazons huge collection of products adding or browsing which items and or categories to add. You might also be interested in the affiliate program but dont have any coding knowledge so creating your own store is nearly impossible.

Fresh Store Builder was coded from the ground up to be user friendliness, functional and optimized to work wth Amazon. FSB allows you to literately in a matter of minutes get a fully functioning Amazon affiliate store up and running. It allows you to easily choose from the thousands of products of amazon to add to your store or use the auto-populate feature. This will based on your set keywords, categories fill in products its self! You just sit back and watch your website store fill up. Scroll below and check out some more previews of what FSB can do for your Amazon affiliate site.

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