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Photography by Samir

Photographs shown on this page were all captured by me using Canon’s EOS Rebel T2i Digital SLR Camera. You’ll see various pictures i took around different locations in New York City. I try to capture what ever i find interesting from my perspective. I like rich dark colors and photos that are dramatic in a way so you can expect to see a lot of unique eye popping photos. All the images were shot in raw 18MP and re-sized for this gallery.

Manhattan Pigeons Canon Rebel t2i dog Squirrel Rebel t2i Boxer Dog Rebel t2i Rebel t2i cute white dog Canon Rebel t2i white dove flying Rebel t2i white dove Baby Bird Rebel t2i Canon Rebel t2i blue flowers Tree Macro Rebel t2i Grass Macro Rebel t2i Canon Rebel t2i sun flower Canon Rebel t2i yellow flower