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Free Photo Hosting

Free Photo Hosting

Photobucket – One of the most popular image hosting services around, favorite amongst MySpace users. Makes it very easy to post your images to social networking sites; gives you 25 GB of monthly traffic and 1 GB of storage with images themselves being up to 1 MB in size.

ImageShackAllYouCanUpload- – There is no limit to the image size you can upload. You can also upload up to three images in the same time.

ImageHosting – Upload multiple pictures at one time. The maximum filesize you can upload depends on what account you registered.

TinyPic – Upload pictures and videos and embed them anywhere. The direct link for your picture or video will be tiny (e.g.

TheImageHosting – Upload multiple images at once and zipped image files. Maximum file size allowed is 1 MB.

BayImg – Free uncensored image hosting provided by the Pirate Bay. The max file upload size is 100MB and you can can upload about 140 different formats. – Upload your images and embed them anywhere. You can also delete images you previously uploaded. Max file size allowed is 2.5 MB.

ImgPlace – Upload up to five images at one time. Maximum file size allowed is 1.5 MB – Register to host your images for free. Maximum file size is 3,000 KB.

FileHigh – The free Economy account lets you upload up to three images simultaneously and the maximum size for each file is 512 KB.

VillagePhotos – Upload pictures straight from your browser and host them online. 1 GB monthly data transfer.

ImageVenue – You can upload up to five images in the same moment. The maximum file size allowed is 1.5 MB.

ImageCross – Free MySpace image hosting. You can upload images up to 2 MB in size.

SmugMug – SmugMug is a photo uploader, editor, and community portal all in one. You can upload and share your photos, then store the photos with up to four backup copies of each photo in three varying states.