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Online Photo Editors

Online Photo Editors

Fauxto – Advanced online photo editor with an interface similar to Photoshops

XmgImg – Image hosting service that provides an interface for users to manage, edit, and share their images online.

OnlinePhotoTool – Edit pictures taken from your hard drive as well as images that are already on the Internet.

MyImager – Upload images from your computer and from anywhere on the web and edit them freely with the dozens of tools and filters available.

SnipShot – Edit photos from your hard-drive, your Webshots account, or your Flickr account in one place, and then save them back to any of those locations.

Pixenate – Online photo editor with many special effects. You can also integrate Pixenate on your website and allow visitors to edit images.

Phixr – Edit your pictures and directly upload them to Flickr, Fotopic, Livejournal, Photobucket,, Buzznet and Dropshots. – Edit your photos online within your browser, add special effects and save them in the most popular formats.

Picture2Life – Edit pictures available on the Internet or taken from your hard disk. You can also import images from popular photo sharing sites.

Cellsea – Upload pictures from your PC or from an URL. It provides over 15 ways to correct color, exposure, and lighting problems.

Preloadr – Photo editor with good image manipulation functions that is connected with your Flickr account.

Picnik – Photo editor with many interesting features which is directly connected to many photo sharing sites.

Pixelmator – Pixelmator is a photo editing service for Mac users. The design is superb and intuitive. There are selection tools, paintbrushes of various size and shape, retouching tools, layering and much more. You can enhance photos, analyze colors, add text, create stylized scenes with halftones and image blurring.